Care Guide

If you wash and care your shirt properly, it doesn’t just look nicer, it will also last longer. In the laundry label, inside your shirt, you will find information on how to wash, dry and iron your Appearance shirts. Here you will find a few more tips on how to care for your shirts so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Avoid pre-washing your shirt unless the shirt is very dirty or have stubborn stains. It saves time, spares the environments and protects your shirt from unnecessary tear. Do not use fabric softener as they tend to contain bleach which will fade the color in your shirt.
We recommend washing all your shirts at 30 degrees celcius with mild centrifugation.

To protect your shirt as much as possible, wash it inside out or put it in a washing mesh bag before washing. Make sure all buttons on the front and cuffs are buttoned before washing, as this will hold the shape of the shirt. Do no button the collar buttons during the washing.
After the washing, turn the shirt inside out again and shake it flat down before hanging it. When the shirt is on the hanger you flatten the shirt so it has as little wrinkles as possible. Also flatten out the collar. This will save you time when ironing your shirt.

When ironing your shirt, you will get the best results by ironing it while it's still a little moist. If the shirt is completely dry, use a water sprayer or a good steam iron. Start ironing the sleeves from the center and out and then the edges. Now you iron the back of the shirt - pay attention to the fold in the back. The next step is the outside surface of the shirt collar, which must be ironed from the tips and inwards. Last step is the two chest sides. First place the one half with the outside upwards and iron it smoothly. Then take the other side of the shirt chest.

When ironing darker colored shirts we recommend ironing it inside out or underneath a clean dish towel.